1. Police Alarm System
  2. Emergency Fire-Box Signaling
  3. Fire Station Alerting System
  4. Computer Aided Dispatch System

This telephone and direct-wired circuit-based system signals the Communication Center Dispatchers when city buildings are entered, when special secure rooms are entered, or when other alarm conditions result. A number of locations are monitored and tests are made on a periodic basis of both circuits and signaling equipment.

Dispatchers are trained to handle line trouble and system fault conditions, to contact appropriate building personnel and to immediately dispatch police personnel when alarm signals are received.

  1. Enhanced 911 & GPS Phone
  2. TDD Signaling System
  3. Criminal Justice Information

Enhanced 911 technologies enable Watertown residents to have their exact street address, telephone billing name, calling telephone number, and other facts displayed on a special computer screen within 1 to 3 seconds of their 911 call being answered at Emergency Communications.

This system allows persons who cannot speak because of a handicap or medical condition, who do not speak English, or who are very young children to signal Emergency Communications of their need for assistance without having to utter a word. Operators are trained in the use of this complex equipment by special state trainers who test and certify their abilities.

Shift Dispatch Contact Information

View the contact information for the dispatchers who work the following shifts:

Tour the Former Communications Center

The combined Police/Fire dispatch center features 4 consoles for dispatchers to work from, a wall projection screen of unit/incident status and monitoring of the building security cameras.

A large communications center with a lot of computers and screens.

This is the former communications center at our original station, 34 John “Sonny” Whooley Way.

A man working with communications equipment in an office.

Retired Dispatcher Michael Stewart