Honor Guard


The formation of the Honor Guard Unit created a ceremonial unit of Watertown Police Association and Watertown Police Supervisors Association members for the purpose of presenting a professional appearance during public display of the flags of the United States and the Watertown Police Department.


During the late 1980’s, several officers who had frequently carried the two flags and two rifles during the Memorial Day parade enlisted other association members for assistance. At that time, these officers requested and received monies from the association to upgrade the ceremonial uniform. Thus, the Honor Guard Unit was formed.

Over the years the ceremonial uniform has changed styles several times. Currently, the Honor Guard uniform consists of a standard regulation cloth hat, ceremonial dress blazer with gold colored trim, Watertown Police Department shoulder patch with Honor Guard designation, gold colored shoulder cord, dress blue shirt and tie, ceremonial dress slacks with gold colored piping trim, white gloves and dress black polished shoes.

Officers wear a pistol belt with cross strap carrying their issued department firearm. During ceremonial events, Officers may carry the M-1 Garand rifle. Currently, the Honor Guard Unit is sponsored by The Watertown Police Department, The Watertown Police Association and The Watertown Police Supervisors Association.


The Honor Guard Unit is made up of police officers of all ranks who volunteer their time for the guard’s public appearances. Based on our association founding, honor guard members stand as equals, with decisions relating to honor guard matters being made in a democratic manner.

Membership is open to any active Watertown Police Officer. All guard members are expected to participate in ceremonial events and maintain a professional presence in keeping with the Watertown Police Honor Guard mission.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Watertown Police Honor Guard Unit is to present a professional ceremonial presence during selected public appearances. Historically, these appearances have included parades, funerals, town functions, sporting events and other such functions. View photos of past Honor Guard ceremonies.

Current Members

  • Detective John Bartolomucci
  • Officer Thomas Dicker
  • Detective Mark Lewis
  • Officer Raul Mendez
  • Officer Richard Munger

  • Sergeant George Demos
  • Sergeant Thomas Grady
  • Officer Kevin McManus
  • Lieutenant Christopher Munger
  • Officer Keith Parent