Traffic Division


The Traffic Division is responsible for the storage of all traffic related records of the Watertown Police Department. Members of the Traffic Division are responsible for the investigation of serious motor vehicle accidents, monitoring and recording all traffic collection data and the enforcement of all traffic laws, as well as the Town of Watertown Traffic Rules and Ordinances, which encompasses parking regulations.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting motorists with accident reports
  • Control of the Breath Test unit and all Radar units
  • Crossing school children
  • Details and Overtime
  • Installation of infant and child car seats
  • Proactive planning for pedestrian and operator safety
  • Working closely with representatives of the Registry of Motor Vehicles


The Traffic Division is composed of one Sergeant, 3 sworn Police Officers, 23 School Crossing Guards, and 2 Parking Control Officers. View the contact information for the officers of the Traffic Division.

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