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1. Can I be sued if my child or a teenage guest at my home drinks alcohol and harms another person?
2. Why should I be liable for the criminal or negligent acts of my guests? If my guest kills or injures someone in a drunk driving accident after drinking in my home, why should that be my problem?
3. One of my underage twins is in college and one is in the military. What’s wrong with serving alcohol to them and their friends in the safety of our home if their friends' parents give permission?
4. If I allow my child to have a party when I’m not home and she allows friends to bring alcohol and drink it, might she or I be liable for injuries her friends cause to another person?
5. Will my insurance policy cover a judgment against me as a social host?
6. If my guest caused the injury and we both get sued, why should I have to pay?
7. If someone gets a judgment against me as a social host and I later declare bankruptcy, will I have to pay it?