MyPD App

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My Police Department Smartphone App (MyPD)

Placing your Police Department services at your fingertips! Download it now for iPhone or Android by searching your app store for MyPD.

Improved Communications

The Watertown Police Department is using this app to provide you with better service and to improve communication with the citizens of Watertown. With this app you can receive notifications, follow the latest tweets from the Watertown PD, send anonymous tips, commend an officer, submit feedback, ask questions, get directions to the police station, and easily find officer contact information.

All of the forms can be sent anonymously to the department, though we encourage an email address or phone number if you would like a response. Users also have the availability to upload photos and GPS information with the app forms (for example a parking issue or graffiti complaint).

As is the case with our other emails, online forms, and social media, this app is not for any type of emergency situation. If you are in an emergency, call 911. The Watertown Police attempt to review all messages in a timely fashion but do not always actively monitor all messages and activity at all times.

Learn More About the App

The app developer, WiredBlue LLC, has more features planned for future releases. Any suggestions and feedback can be directed to the department by using the Questions and Feedback feature on the app with the topic “App Suggestions”. You can learn more about the police app online.