Please be advised that the URL to our live feed changed on September 8, 2010, update your player to the URL below.

Through the link on this page you may listen to live radio traffic between Watertown Control and Watertown Police Officers.

FAQ’s about the live radio feed:

  • Do I need any special software to listen?

No, our live feed is now configured so you may listen using Windows© Media Player, simply connect to this URL:

This will automatically launch media player. If you prefer to listen with another player the address is or mms://

  • Why can’t I hear anything?

There may be several reasons, among them:

  1. There may be no radio traffic.
  2. Check to make sure your speakers are; on, un-muted and the volume is turned up .
  3. The feed may have dropped, this happens from time to time. When this happens the computer at the police station providing the feed needs to be reset.
  • I can’t connect or I’ve been disconnected
  1. There is a maximum number of listeners that may be connected at any given time, there may be too many people logged in, try back later.
  2. You may have been automatically disconnected from the system, it is designed to disconnect listeners after a set period of time to allow others to connect.
  • What are the various codes used?
  1. code 11=come/go to station
  2. code 13=prisoner transport
  3. code 22=meal break