Hired: 1998

Date of Rank: 2003

Email: tgrady{@}police.watertown-ma.gov

Voice mail: 617-972-6500 mail box # 244

Current assignment: Day Shift

I was hired by the Police Department in 1997 as a Public Safety Dispatcher. I was subsequently appointed as a Police Officer in 1998. I worked as a member of the patrol division for 5 years before being promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2003. I am currently assigned to the Day Division Patrol and oversee Community Policing efforts for Route 6.


Keep your home and neighborhoods safe by setting up a system with your neighbors that lets them know when you are away for extended periods of time. Be mindful of strangers in your neighborhood. Rely on your instincts and contact police if you feel something is out of place.

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