Hired: 1990

Date of Rank: 2008

Email: jmaclellan{@}police.watertown-ma.gov

Voice mail: 617-972-6500 mail box # 253

Current assignment: Night Shift

Sgt. MacLellan was born and raised in Watertown the youngest child of Charles and Nancy MacLellan. John graduated Watertown High School in 1983 and went on to Bridgewater state college graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Sgt. MacLellan started with the Watertown police in 1990 as a night patrol officer. In 1998 John was reassigned to night motorcycle patrol, patrolling parks, schools and the Charles River walkway along with his regular duties. Sgt. MacLellan is a personal trainer who runs the Cops & Kids weightlifting program at Watertown High School. A certified R.A.D. instructor (rape aggression defense) John also works with the females of Watertown to empower them through self-defense. He was promoted to Sergeant on June 5, 2008.

John is also a member of the N.E.M.L.E.C. motorcycle unit (a specialized unit attached to the RRT/SWAT unit of N.E.M.L.E.C.) While off duty Sgt. MacLellan enjoys weightlifting and riding his motorcycle with his wife Monique and daughter Taylor.


Look twice save a life motorcycles are everywhere!
Stay strong, Stay positive, Stay in school.

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