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Hired: 2006

Email: mlewis{@}police.watertown-ma.gov

Voice mail: 617-972-6500 mail box # 232

Current assignment: Night Shift

CP Route: Route 5

Officer Mark Lewis was born and raised right here in Watertown. Prior to joining the Watertown Police Department Officer Lewis worked with the Massachuestts Deptartment of Corrections. This experience furthered his already existing interest in law enforcement. Mark attended Westfield State College where he earned his bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in 2004. Not long after graduating college, he attended and graduated from the M.B.T.A. Police Academy. In September 2006 he was sworn in as a full-time police officer for the Watertown Police Department and is currently working a rotating nightshift as a patrol officer. Currently Mark is attending Westfield State College in hopes of earning his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. In his free time he enjoys playing sports, working out, and fishing with friends.