Route 4 encompasses the southeast region of Watertown, bordered by Mt. Auburn Street and School Street to Arsenal Street. Most of Coolidge Square, the Watertown and Arsenal Malls and the Willow Park Housing Complex are all located in route 4.

The following officers are assigned to route 4, Officers Physic is not assigned community policing activities in specific areas of route 4 and instead cover the entire area:

Route 4 Supervisors
Lieutenant Christopher Munger (Nights) Sergeant Wayne Hoiseth (Days)
Route 4 Officers
Harold “Tony” Physic (Days, 4) Charles Dupuis (Nights, 4B)
John St. Onge (Days, 4B) Joseph Reynolds (Nights, 4A)
Kevin McManus (Nights, 4D) Christopher Zengo (Nights, 4C)
Brandon O’Neill (Nights 4C)

Route 4 Community Policing Initiatives

Click on the map to learn about the community policing initiatives in that area.




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