Lieutenant James O’Connor, Division commander


Sergeant Thomas Grady


Stop a Crime Tip Line


Rape Reporting Line


The Watertown Police Department Detective Division is responsible for all of the follow-up investigations within the police department. The Detective Division consists of the Investigations, Prosecution and Licensing components of the police department. The unit is staffed by a Lieutenant, two Sergeants and seven detectives. The Detective Supervisors review the solvability factors of cases and determine which have a probability of being solved and then assign the case to a detective for a follow-up investigation. The detectives also develop many self-initiated cases through their contacts in the community. The Detective Division follows-up on all major crimes, domestic violence, sexual crimes, narcotics, white collar crimes, and computer related crimes. The division also conducts background investigations for potential Town employees.

Detectives attend regional monthly detective meetings where they share information about crimes and crime trends with other local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies.

The Detectives also received and are trained in many specialized field of law enforcement.

General Investigators

Criminal Investigations include crime scene reconstruction and analysis, interview and interrogation, examination of patterns and profiles, information sharing and dissemination, search warrant affidavits, identification and apprehension of suspects, working with victims and witnesses, and preparation for prosecution.

Domestic Violence

The Detective Division has a detective assigned to follow up on domestic violence related incidents. The detective investigates and prosecutes suspects in domestic violence cases. The detective also assists victims by arranging referrals for counseling, legal assistance, shelters, and support groups. The detective monitors these domestic situations to prevent the escalation of violence in these incidents.

Narcotics Investigator

A detective is assigned to the Southern Middlesex County Drug Task Force which is comprised of investigators from Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Lexington, Arlington, Lincoln and Weston. This unit is responsible for targeting and prosecuting those individuals and groups involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics and drugs. It works with other local, State and Federal agencies in the combating of drugs.


The Detective Division also is responsible for the collecting, processing and examining of all forensic evidence. They received specialized training in the preservation and collection of physical evidence at crime scenes and present expert testimony in court cases.


The Detective Division is also responsible for the issuance of Firearms, Hackney and Hackney Carriage Licenses. This unit also acts as the enforcement arm of the Watertown Licensing Board. Investigations are conducted on all prospective licensees of the Town for alcohol, auto repair, common victuallers etc. The Licensing unit enforces the rules, regulations and laws of the Town and commonwealth as they pertain to licensed activities within the Town.


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