Formerly the Young Women’s Issues program, the Girls & Goals Program focuses on the current issues facing today’s Middle School female students. The program, begun in 2003, consists of guest speakers, group discussions and activities focusing on safety & risk reduction, career development, health & wellness, self-esteem & self development.

The program meets once a week after school from 2:15pm-3:45pm and is instructed by female Watertown Police Officers. The Participants are provided with healthy snacks and Drinks. Each week, a guest speaker makes a presentation to the students; the guest speakers are professionals within the fields of public service, psychology and health. The speakers are predominately female who have chosen traditional and non-traditional career goals. One of the program’s goals is to expose the youth to topics and careers which then lead to discussions on issues that relate to young women.

A question and answer opportunity follows each presentation. At the completion of the lecture portion the group takes part in an activity, volunteer opportunity or game time.

Volunteerism is a very important component of the program. The program hopes to introduce the importance of giving back to the community. The girls participate in at least two volunteer activities.

The main goals of the Girls & Goals program are to enhance self–esteem, self-respect and decision making skills. The program’s theme of successful females and their impact on their communities, works to ignite an excitement and endless future opportunities for the participants.

For further information contact:

Officer Patty Grady