Watertown Police Support Boston


Watertown Police Chief Edward P. Deveau and the Watertown Police Department have been actively involved in assisting Boston law enforcement authorities with the Boston Marathon bombings. The Watertown Police Department has offered 24 hour assistance and support since the horrific incident occurred.


The Watertown Police Department currently  has 9 Police Officers and 1 civilian employee stationed throughout the city of Boston: 3 Officers with NEMLEC RRT (Rapid Response Team), 3 Officers with the NEMLEC Motorcycle Unit, 1 Officer with NEMLEC SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Team), 1 Officer with the National Guard, 1 Detective with the FBI Task Force and 1 Public Safety Dispatcher assigned to the NEMLEC Incident Command Post.


The Watertown Police Department will continue to offer support for as long as needed.


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