New Snow Plowing Ordinance in Effect, enhanced penalties

Article II, Section 28   Placing snow or ice on a public way by a motor vehicle 

            Any person who operates a motor vehicle as defined by Chapter 90, section 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws, or any four wheeled motorized Loader, Backhoe, Bobcat or similar heavy equipment that is capable or designed for the throwing, pushing, placing, moving, or piling of any snow or ice, shall be prohibited from throwing, pushing, placing, moving, or piling of any snow or ice onto any public way, sidewalk, or median.  A violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of $500.00 for a first offense in a calendar year, $750.00 for a second offense in a calendar year and $1,000.00 for a third or subsequent offense in a calendar year.  The section excludes any motor vehicle being operated under contract with the City known as the Town of Watertown whose purpose and agreement under contract requires the pushing, placing, moving or piling of any snow or ice onto public ways, sidewalks and medians during the course of clearing streets and sidewalks of any accumulation of snow or ice.  Any duly sworn Police Officer of the Watertown Police Department may issue a civil motor vehicle infraction citation to the operator of said motor vehicle if the offense is observed by the officer, or to the owner or record of the motor vehicle based on probable cause after investigation.

This ordinance has been accepted as of November 2, 2010

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