Gypsy activity

There have been numerous reports throughout the area Greater Boston area about gypsy driveway paving scams. They will come to resident’s homes and state that they have extra material and offer to pave the driveways for a low price. Upon completion of the job they will demand more money than originally quoted. Additionally there have been reports of tree companies reporting they are working in a neighbor’s yard and they ask to walk the property line so they don’t damage any of “your” trees. This person typically will be talking on a cell phone while walking with you and another person will then enter your home and steal jewelry and other assorted items. Yet another approach they may use to enter a home is posing as water department employees and request access to your basement to check your meter. They typically work in pairs and will be driving non-descript rental pickup trucks with out of state license plates. They typically target elderly residents and will flee the home if confronted. Please be aware of these scams and contact the Watertown PD if this happens to you or you witness suspicious activity of this or any other nature in your neighborhood.

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