Please be alert to possible scams

Over the past several days there have been multiple scams in nearby communities including, Boston, Everett, Lexington, Winchester and Holbrook. These scams involve one or several males claiming to be working either for the water department or claiming to be cutting trees. One will engage a homeowner in conversation creating a diversion and a second and possibly third suspect will quickly enter the home and steal small items such as jewelry. The suspects claiming to be from the water department have been wearing clothing that says “Water Department” on it and has asked to be taken to the basement to look at pipes. Other attempts have included cable service upgrade and tree removal. Do not allow anyone to enter your residence or property to do any work if you have not arranged the service call. If you suspect anything please call the Police station (617-972-6500) and an officer will respond to verify their identity. A legitimate worker or work crew will not be offended nor try to persuade you otherwise.

Please be alert for these types of scams and take the time to talk with your neighbors, especially the elderly, about this. Remember don’t let anyone into your house if you don’t know who they are. Call the Police if you feel this is happening to you or if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

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