Lock your car at night!

Detectives are investigating several recent motor vehicle break ins. Thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles during the overnight hours. GPS units are the most popular item for them to steal, along with loose change and any other readily available items of value in the passenger compartment. The Police Department is urging all residents to lock their vehicles to reduce your chance of becoming a victim.

Every time you leave your vehicle remove the GPS unit and the associated wiring. Take it with you or store it completely out of sight. Then make sure to wipe the marks from the suction cup rings off your windshield every time you remove it. Keep some pre-moistened glass wipes in your vehicle so you can do this every time you remove the unit. Thiefs are looking for an easy target, leaving your GPS unit visible is an open invitation to a thief. Leaving the suction cup rings on the windshield is also an open invitation that there may be a GPS unit inside the vehicle. By eliminating any trace of your GPS unit you are making your vehicle less of a target for these thieves. Keep a record of your GPS serial number in a safe place, this can be helpful to detectives as they investigate these thefts.

We ask that you be alert for any suspicious activity in your neighborhood and call us if you see anything out of the ordinary. You can call the main number at (617) 972-6500 or in the event of an emergency call 911.

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