Click-It or Ticket Mobilization starts May 14th

The Watertown Police will again participate in the state-wide Click-It or Ticket mobilization that starts on May 14th and continues through June 4th. During these dates the Police Department will deploy additional personnel to high volume traffic areas where motorists who are not wearing seat belts AND who commit a traffic infraction will be stopped and cited.

The fine for an adult violation of the Commonwealth’s seat belt law is $25.00 for each offense, but by law, the violation is NOT a surchargable event. An infant/child under age 12 is required to be “properly restrained in order to decrease the likelihood that they will suffer serious injury in the event of a vehicle collision”. This is why the seat belt laws distinguish between the age of the person and the type of restraint required and, provide officers with greater enforcement authority when young children are involved. Child/Infant seat belt violations are both a surchargable and a primary offense

The low use of safety belts was a major factor in the 441 fatalities and approximately 5,000 serious injuries as well as $6.3 billion in economic costs associated with motor vehicle crashes in Massachusetts in 2005. Since safety belts reduce the risk of death or serious injury in a motor vehicle crash by up to 50%, we can improve highway safety in Massachusetts by getting more people to buckle up with Click It or Ticket.

As of June 2007 belt use in Massachusetts was 69%. The goal for 2008 is to increase belt use to 72%. Yet nationwide belt use was 82% as of 2007.
Massachusetts law requires all occupants to be properly restrained by safety belts when riding in a private passenger motor vehicle, including vans and trucks. Learn more about the Massachusetts Safety Belt Law as well as the Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law.


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