Another alert citizen aids the police in an arrest of house break suspect

Another alert citizen witnessing suspicious activity called the Watertown Police in a timely fashion. On Friday May 2, 2008 at approximately 1236 hours an alert resident of Franklin Street reported a suspicious person on the street. This suspicious person was seen ringing the doorbell to a house and after getting no answer this person then climbed through a window off the front porch. The alert citizen then called Watertown Police and provided a detailed description of the events.

The information was broadcast to all Watertown Police units and within moments of the broadcast an officer working a private detail and Police Chief Deveau were on location and established a perimeter to prevent the escape of the suspect. Other units arrived within minutes and the suspect was ordered out of the house and subsequently placed under arrest.

Neighbors watching out for each other and reporting suspicious activity to the Police make the Town of Watertown a safer community to live in. Citizens are urged to contact the Police and report suspicious activity in their neighborhood.

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