Alert citizen aids Police in arrest of house break suspects

At approximately 1212 hours on Thursday May 1, 2008 an alert Patten Street resident notified Watertown Police of suspicious activity. This alert citizen had observed two individuals walking down the street, a short time later these same two individuals were observed walking on the street again but this time they were carry bags. They threw these bags into a vehicle and left the area. The alert witness was able to then call the Watertown Police and provide both a description of these suspicious individuals and the vehicle license plate number. A patrol car was dispatched to the address and discovered a residence had in fact been broken into.

Police dispatchers relayed the witnesses information to surrounding communities over an area wide Police radio channel. Within minutes of this information being broadcast a Belmont Police detective located the suspect vehicle. This vehicle was followed into Arlington and with the assistance of Arlington Police the vehicle was detained. Subsequent investigation by Watertown Police lead to the identification and arrest of these two individuals and the recovery of items stolen from a residence on Patten Street.

Citizens are urged to call the Watertown Police and report suspicious behavior.

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