Enhanced red light enforcement in Watertown Square


Motorists using roads entering and leaving Watertown Square are likely to see a “significant” Police presence during the rush hour traffic periods. The Traffic Division will be scheduling additional patrols in the area of Watertown Square to alleviate some of the traffic congestion caused by gridlock and red light violations.

Many drivers are unaware that creating gridlock (entering an intersection on a green light while traffic is stopped or backed-up) is unlawful and carries up to a $150 fine in addition to insurance points (see M.G.L. Ch 89 § 9). There are also many drivers who run the red lights because they are in a hurry or are distracted.

Because gridlock affects traffic throughout Watertown square and red light violations are a leading cause for traffic accidents, the Watertown Police will be strictly enforcing any observed violations. Motorists are always encouraged to be alert and courteous when traveling in Watertown – not just in Watertown square.

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